Connecting the elderly


Improve the lives and well-being of the elderly (65+) by developing a product which will help them overcome some of the limitations that ageing brings. One of the biggest impacts on the ageing population is the negative effect of loneliness on health and well-being.


We found a solution to help by giving them the ability to connect with new people whenever they please and from the comfort of their living room.

What we did

Research, UX, Product Design, Ideation, Design Thinking


Conducting secondary research, focus groups with Age UK, interviewing a lead human experience designer and observing lonely/isolated individuals in their natural environment. All of this was documented and written up for a research piece.


Researching through design by ideating in collaboration with numerous designers, creating many different forms, experimenting with different electronic functions and presenting options in focus groups with lonely/isolated individuals in order to define what the product will look like and how it will function.

User Testing

Age UK kindly provided the opportunity to attend one of their "Daybreak" centres for lonely and isolated elderly individuals to hold two focus group sessions. It was difficult to hear how some individuals hadn’t spoken to a single person in five days, but it was uplifting to hear that this product could help make a real difference to their lives. They provided useful feedback, particularly when seeing how they naturally interacted with certain objects/forms, which helped define what the final product would look like and how it would function.


The product automatically connects lonely/isolated elderly individuals together based on similar age, interests, hobbies and close living proximity. The product’s main objective is to create a limitless opportunity to converse with a variety of different people, simply from the click of a button. The intention is to build social confidence whilst allowing the consumer to create long-lasting friendships to relieve the sense of being alone.